Thank You Phoenix!!!

I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to sincerely thank you for attending my exhibition, The Pink Door Photographs. 

Without you, it would have been that much less of an experience for all of us.  With over 2 months in preparation, the last couple of hours 
before the doors opened seemed like a lifetime with all of the anxieties of a public event in full force.  It’s my hope that you enjoyed your 
time in the galleries viewing the featured photographs as well as the pictorial essay surrounding Evelyn and her seven children.

After the show came to a close, I returned the following day to spend a quiet moment with my work.  After so much time and money had 
been spent I pondered if it was in fact worth the efforts made by so many and I have to say with a resounding yes, that indeed it was.  
We all played a part that night, an important role for good and I am grateful to have spent those few moments together with you.

I do have one small favor to ask of you.  In all of the rush to open we didn’t manage to have a comment book for anyone to sign.  So 
would appreciate your leaving a comment for me on your experience at the exhibition Friday evening.  Also, if you feel that you’d still like 
to purchase an image, framed or otherwise or even a T-Shirt, please write to me at my email address listed below and I will discuss your 
interests and options in purchasing an image from the exhibition.

Please know that I appreciate your support of my ongoing work to help raise awareness for the Haitian community.

Best regards and thank you,

Rodney Rascona

Caption:  Girl in a Blue Dress


Caption:  Madame LaPin