In October of this year, my photographic series The Pink Door Photographs, was recognized by the International Photography Awards (IPA) and the LUCIE Foundation as the winner...of the category "Deeper Perspective"...from a field of some 15,000 submissions and from 103 countries - recognized for my set of poignant portraits created in Haiti and where the back story was judged equally with the images.

In a gala evening with the Lincoln Center as a backdrop, I was awarded the title of "2010 LUCIE Photographer of the Year:Deeper Perspective" for which I'm very grateful and thankful to all of those who helped me bring these images to life.

Exhibition Update

As the 2010 year comes to a close, we're excited about the new shows being scheduled for the coming 2011 season.  New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Barcelona, Dubai and possibly Mumbai will all have a small team in each city dedicated to helping me make this come to life.  It's my goal to allow the photographs to continue to play their part in raising awareness to the plight of the Haitian people.  In the early months of 2011, I will return to create a second set of portraits of my original subjects nearly a year later, to see how their world has changed if at all.

Until then, wherever you live in this world, I want to wish you, your friends and family the best of holidays and thank those of you who made The Pink Door Photographs come to life this year.  I owe all of you a huge debt of gratitude for your efforts.

Thank you...